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Welcome to The Joys of Booking!

Updated: Feb 20

Hello there, friends, foodies and kidlit bookies! We are Gennie and Audrey, two friends who have joined together to bring together two things we love: picture books and food!

Welcome to THE JOYS OF BOOKING: A (mostly) monthly blog and social media presence where bookies and foodies come together to learn about new books, share and try new recipes, and then talk about it in a casual conversation, like one you'd have with friends standing around in your kitchen.

First and foremost, we hope this is a light, bright, and community-building project that fellow foodies and bookies enjoy! We love to bake, cook, eat, and share recipes. We equally love to write, read, and talk about wonderful picture books and what we believe is the recipe for a great one. And we know a lot of you do too.

We will be featuring food-inspired picture books that either have a recipe or inspire one. Gennie and I will share the storytelling “ingredients” of the featured book that we love so much, and invite the creators of those books to answer a few questions too.


Gennie and I will also be sharing the recipe inspired by the book, as well as making/baking it ourselves. Everyone is invited to join us "in the kitchen" to dish about the book... and the food, posting and tagging The Joys of Booking if they feel so inclined. We hope it’s an easy way to share books, food, culture, and community all while adding more seats to the table.

So put on your apron (we have apron merch surprises coming soon), grab your whisk and a book, pull up a seat, and join us!


(Listen to our episode on the YOU MAY CONTRIBUTE A VERSE podcast with Brenna Jeanneret and Josh Monken -- listen to the recording here.)

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